Brittany and Wales sing together , Gouel Bro Gozh ma Zadoù and the Bro Gozh Committee

Bro Nevez, N°118

From May 14-19 as part of the Festival of Brittany and the annual celebration of Sant Erwan, the Committee for the Bro Gozh ma Zadoù ( Old Land of my Fathers) organized a series of concerts in all five of Brittany’s departments where Breton and Welsh choirs performed together.

The Welsh choir Côr Meibion Blaenporth performed with the Breton choral groupes Mouezh Paotred Breizh, Anna Vreizh, Les Choralines Korholen, Kanerion an Oriant, Mouezh Bro Konk and awel Dreger. The  choir also performed at the Diwan school of Lorient and no doubt pupils shared songs there too.

The Bro Gozh Committee was created in 2003 to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the Breton National Anthem which was adopted by the Breton Regionalist Union in 1903. The Breton anthem was directly inspired by the Welsh National Anthem and while this was adopted in Brittany in earlier versions, it was the adaptation by Taldir Jafrennou which stuck. Today, as the Bro Gozh is heard more frequently at sports events (like soccer games) and other events in Brittany, the Committee also serves to assist people with information and performance. Just insuring that people can easily find the song, text and music is a mission fulfilled so that Bretons will be encouraged to include their anthem more often at events.

The Bro Gozh Committee has an excellent website (in Breton and French) where the history of this anthem ans its Welsh links are explored. And on this website you can find the full text (with a French translation), transcriptions of the music, ans a number of performances on various instruments, choir and orchestra. And there are clips of performances by Alan Stivell, Nolwenn LeRoy, Marie Martin, and the singing of the Bro gozh at the soccer championship in 2008 when two Breton teams from Guingamp and Rennes played.. Ans you can watch the trailer of a film by Mikael Baudu ‘with Gwengolo Filmoù and France 3) about the Bro Gozh and its links to Wales which includes a number of performances.

The Bro Gozh Committee has also created a new prize, the « Priz Bro Gozh » to be given each year to the person or organization that has best promoted the Breton nationa anthem. This year the prize was given to Alan Stivell on May 14 in Rennes during the performance.

2 réflexions au sujet de « Brittany and Wales sing together , Gouel Bro Gozh ma Zadoù and the Bro Gozh Committee »

  1. I am sick and tired with that 2009 soccer domestic French Cup final between Rennes and Guingamp. The Breton ‘national’ team have had the Bro Goz played before its international games since 1998 and you seem to completely forget about that. It shows up the Breton mentality, preferring to put forward a French Cup final – which is solely and purely a French national domestic event – where most Breton people there had nothing to do but sing the FRENCH national anthem!!! So please forget about 2009 and encourage the Breton select, which was recently very much let down in St.Nazer since a very very small crowd turned up. By the way: In that 2009 French cup final, there were only 4 Breton players on the pitch…

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